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Capacity Building VIRTUAL Institute 2020

Interdisciplinary state team members will gain knowledge and skills to implement effective practices in Student Focused Planning, Student Development (academic, employment, and life skills), Interagency Collaboration, Family Engagement, and Program Structures. Teams will build capacity to improve practices and programs in their states through data based decision making, planning and providing quality professional development, conducting policy analysis, and using effective technical assistance systems. Team members will participate in facilitated state team planning to target improved transition services, high school completion and dropout prevention strategies, and postsecondary outcomes for youth with disabilities.

This year, NTACT is hosting aspects of the institute virtually, between May 26 and the end of June, with a culminating activity mid-August. The capacity building model has always been to provide: a) evidence-based content and strategies around targeted areas of secondary transition planning and capacity building, b)networking and extended learning opportunities for participants to discuss and hear what their peers across the country have been working on, and c) dedicated and facilitated space for state team planning for interdisciplinary teams from states to assess their current strengths and needs in order to build annual goals around those needs. For the 2020 Capacity Building Virtual Institute (CBVI), we are maintaining those three components with adaptations.

Please see more details and continuous updates below.  

Learn and Engage: Phases 2 and 4

Welcome to the 2020 CBVI! View and engage in the content for the CBVI through the Transition Coalition site (updated May 25, 2020). See the link below.

Wrap Up: Phase 5

Resources and links below will support the final phases of the CBVI: evaluation, plan submission, follow-up support, and culminating activities in August, 2020!

PowerPoint of State Plans

On August 18 a majority of the 35 States who participated in the CBVI shared summaries of what they plan to do - and may have already done - to improve transition services and transition-focused education for students with disabilities during the 2020 - 2021 school year.