Communities of Practice

NTACT facilitates and supports online communities of practitioners on various topics and issues, as needed. Resources and updates from those communities of scholars, practitioners, leaders, and consumers are posted below. If you are interested in being engaged or receiving additional information about webinars or products in development, please contact us at - or follow the instructions for specific communities below.

CTE/SPED/VR State to State Network


NTACT hosts discussions and provides resources focused on the enrollment and successful persistence of students with disabilities in Career and Technical Education. Links to information and resources shared by and for participants in that group are below. Contact for more information. 

NTACT’s next SpED-CTE-VR Network quarterly meeting will be Friday, August 7 at 10:00 AK/11:00 PT/12:00 MT/1:00 CT/ 2:00 ET. Details about the meeting agenda and registration will be added here closer to the date. 


Watch this 45 minute video for a deeper understanding of the important collaborative service delivery from the perspectives of the Acting Assistant Secretary of OSERS and RSA Commissioner, Mark Schultz and Assistant Secretary of Community Colleges at OCTAE, Casey Sacks, recorded during the December NTACT sponsored Summit. 

Indicator B-14 Community of Practice

This community is intended for individuals from state agencies, or their contractors, tasked with the data collection, analysis, and/or writing responsibilties for Indicator B-14 of the State Performance Plan/ Annual Performance Report for OSEP. This is the indicator focused on the collection of data 1 year following a student's exit regarding their engagement in school, work, and other community engagement. If you'd like to be on the list to participate in future meetings of this community and share resources, please email Charlotte Alverson or Deanne Unruh

For more information about the topic, contact our staff above. 

May 1, 2020 CoP Meeting - "Indicator B14 Post-School Outcomes Community of Practice for SEA"


National Community of Practice on Transition

The Community of Practice (COP) on Secondary Transition began in 2002 with agencies in Pennsylvania as they developed an interagency Memorandum of Understanding. This group evolved into the National Community of Practice on Secondary Transition in 2004 when several states came together to form the National COP focused on improving interagency collaboration, promoting the role of youth and ensuring appropriate transition outcomes for youth and young adults with disabilities. Today, states, federal agencies, TA centers, national organizations and other secondary transition stakeholders are joined in our community.

To subscribe to the National Transition Community of Practice listserv, send an email to The subject line should be blank, and the text of the email should be subscribe TRANSCOP (no other text should be in the email message, including signature lines).  

If you have any questions regarding the NCOP please contact Michael Stoehr


National Longitudinal Transition Study CoP

NTACT facilitates quarterly calls among researchers with research interests using the data from the NLTS2 and NLTS-2012. If you would like to engage in these calls, please contact Dr. Valerie Mazzotti to be added to the listserv and stay abreast of these research efforts.

Students with Complex Support Needs

NTACT is committed to providing the field with guidance and resources for effective practices focused on positive outcomes for students with disabilities. Students with complex support needs and their families may require additional or different supports and ideas at varying points in the transition planning process. NTACT and its partners have developed and gathered resources focused on supporting students with complex needs in planning and pursuing positive transitions from high school to adult life. Many of those resources will be shared here. Please contact, if you have questions or comments about this topic.