April 27, 2021

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM (Eastern)


Unpacking Assumptions: Equitable Approaches to Re-Engaging Students and Youth in Education and VR Services

This "Watch Party" included communal viewing of a presentation by NTACT: the Collaborative staff members, Bettie Ray Butler, Natasha Mitchell, and DJ Ralston. Following the presentation, presenters engaged in a discussion. Participants were intended to:

  • Begin to understand and deconstruct key equity-oriented language
  • Understand how disability and poverty intersect and its resulting implications
  • Critically reflect on one’s own biases using mental models
  • Reimagine student and youth re-engagement in secondary education and transition services.

ASL Interpreting and Captions will be provided for this event.

The PowerPoint for this event is located at: Watch Party PowerPoint

Watch the PreRecorded Video Here

Watch the Webinar


April 21, 2021

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern



Students and Youth with Complex Support Needs Community of Practice Discussion

The follow is the link to the  PowerPoint from the April 21, 2021 NTACT:C - Students and Youth with Complex Support Needs Community of Practice Meeting :


We will be adding additional related resources regarding this discussion in the upcoming days.

April 01, 2021

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST


Zoom Webinar

Service Delivery Peer Network - Ethical Service Delivery Considerations for Student Engagement.

Meeting Presenter: Robert J. Froehlich, Ed.D., LPC, CRC - Associate Professor of Counseling with the George Washington University’s (GWU) Rehabilitation Counseling Program and Project Director with GWU’s  Center for Rehabilitation Counseling, Research, and Education (GW CRCRE). 

Discussion topics included how to effectively address:

·       maintaining professional boundaries and confidentiality

·       age of majority

·       parental consent/involvement

·       appropriate social media and virtual technology usage/access


Presentation PowerPoint Link:

February 25, 2021

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern



Students with Disabilities: Service Delivery Solutions with NTACT:C Peer Network

During this session we will further discuss our NTACT:C’s various delivery methods including our Communities of Practices and Peer Networks.

Also during this session we will:

  • engage in a general conversation regarding your current needs and effective practices programs
     and activities around the five required Pre-ETS services
  • presentation from Transition Tennessee regarding resources and strategies for effective instruction.

Please email Brenda Simmons  and Michael Stoehr  if you have any questions or need any additional information.


January 26, 2021 to January 28, 2021


Accessing Technical Assistance from NTACT: the Collaborative

The National Technical Assistance Center on Transition for Students and Youth with Disabilities: the Collaborative (NTACT: C) will meet with state agency representatives regarding  types and topics for technical assistance and how to request TA in a state. The PowerPoint to be presented to guide this discussion is posted here. 

Are you state agency, local administrator or provider, or family member or youth with a question or need guidance to a resource? Email us!  

Does your state agency need information or support and wish to connect with a TA Provider. Complete the TA Request form!


December 15, 2020


Getting to Know NTACT: the Collaborative - Overview Webinar

NTACT is hosting the recording of the NTACT: the Collaborative's overivew webinar on this site. Please view the recorded, captioned webinar here. 

Watch the Webinar (external link)

November 23, 2020

12:30 PM EST



Toward a Conception of Culturally Responsive Practices in Transition Planning (CRPTP)

There is a growing acknowledgement that culturally responsive practices play a significant role in improving post-school outcomes for youth with disabilities. Scholars have broken ground in this area by investigating, defining, and describing the intersection of culture and transition. Yet despite this progress, a comprehensive framework that not only locates the problem but identifies potential solutions for dismantling inequities in transition programming is still lacking.

Join NTACT as Dr. Bettie Ray Butler, NTACT and Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte, and Dr. Edwin Achola, Assistant Professor California State University Long Beach:
1) Discuss the importance and necessity of planning transition from a cultural lens with a focus on equity; 2) Explain how asset-based frameworks improve post-school outcomes for all students; especially culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse (CLED) students; and 3) Highlight key principles and best practices (grounded in culturally responsive approaches) for effectively addressing and mitigating disparities in transition planning for CLED students with disabilities.

Watch the Webinar (external link)

November 10, 2020



Zoom webinar

Project SEARCH: Exciting Updates, Resources and Considerations

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Recently, Project SEARCH has been identified as an evidence-based practice to improve future expectations and vocational decision making for students with disabilities (Rowe et al., 2020). NTACT would like to invite you to a webinar with Project SEARCH Directors Erin Riehle and Susie Rutkowski, who will provide a brief overview of Project SEARCH, including program strategies and methods for funding, staffing, and training provided for cross-systems stakeholders including special education, Career Technical Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, Intellectual and Developmental Disability Agencies, businesses, and other participants. They will also share data and lessons learned from the past 24 years and highlight the innovative tools and resources that continue to be developed by the Project SEARCH team to support the competitive integrated employment of students with disabilities.    
A certificate of participation in this webinar indicating hours will be emailed to registered participants; however, CRCs cannot be provided today. 

Watch the Webinar (external link)


November 01, 2020 to December 31, 2020

pre-recorded - available


Five Part Webinar Series on Pre-Employment Transition Services

You are invited to the 5 part Webinar series on Pre-Employment Transition Services hosted by The Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center (WINTAC), and The National Transition Technical Assistance Center (NTACT):
This series of pre-recorded webinars highlights the five required pre-employment transition services. Each of the five webinars include curricula/activities, state spotlights, examples of expected outcomes and ways to identify student progress, tips for successful service delivery, and additional supports and resources that may be used to provide these services for students with disabilities. The webinars are hosted by The Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center (WINTAC), and The National Transition Technical Assistance Center (NTACT).
Closed Captioning will stream during each of the pre-recorded webinars. A copy of the transcript is also available upon request. Presentation materials are available for download once registered. Please be sure to complete the evaluation located in the Web links pod in the Adobe room. CRC credits (1.5) will be awarded upon completion and submission of your evaluation.
To register and view this recorded webinar, please visit the following link(s) to each webinar:

May 24, 2020 to June 25, 2020



Capacity Building VIRTUAL Institute (CBVI)

Update on NTACT's Capacity Building VIRTUAL Institute
NTACT hosted the Capacity Building VIRTUAL Institute (CBVI) with recorded content sessions the week of May 25, 2020. The recorded content will be available to all. The other components of the CBVI will require team registration. Registering as a team accesses participation in individually scheduled facilitated team planning times and state-to-state/ content resource sharing regarding specific content during subsequent weeks through June 25. The planning and discussions of states were summarized and celebrated (virtually) on August 18, 2020 at 2:00 PM.
PowerPoint from states is below. 
Recorded content and discussions are hereIndividuals do not need to register to access this content.