March 01, 2019

Update on SPP/APR

NOTICE Re: Indicator 14 submission for FFY18: OSEP has delayed alignment of the competitive integrated employmentdefinition between Indicator 14 and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) for one year (until February 1, 2021). For the FFY 2018 SPP/APR submission, due February 1, 2020, States may continue to use either of the two options included in the SPP/APR Indicator Measurement Table.

February 26, 2019

Labor Market Information for Teachers

This document overviews explains a publicly available resource. It provides guidance for educators on how to use this information in the transition planning process with students. 

February 20, 2019

New Resources from States for States (update)

Pathways to the Future is a tool-collection website developed by West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services. This website provides resources for school service professionals, students with disabilities in transition age, and their families. Click the link "Pathways to the Future" above, and you can find printable transition-related materials, including transition guide, sample lessons, and work exploration program manual.

North Dakota's Job Coach Training Guide was developed through a partnership between North Dakota's Department of Public Instruction and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Anne Carlson Center, and the West Fargo Public Schools. It is a training resource designed to provide all school personnel, including school personnel who fill the role of a job coach, and any other entity, with information on how to provide Community Based Employment Education to students with disabilities. 

Please see attached "Job Coaching Training Guide" and "Job Coaching Training Powerpoint". 

February 01, 2019

Transition Gradebook

Now available for deployment to your web server or your cloud-based server. This is a school-level resource for recording individual students’ transition-related activities associated with researched predictors of post-school success, including the required pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS), and various risk and protective factors associated with dropout, graduation and positive post-school outcomes. Learn more at  We recommend that program-level staff review the documents posted to understand what the Transition Gradebook can do and partner with your information technology or other data/ technology staff to complete the deployment of this tool to your server for use. Explicit instructions for deploying the tool to your server are posted at the link above. Questions can be posed to

January 04, 2019

CTE-SPED-VR State Examples

This document provides brief descriptions of collaborative efforts between career and technical education and special education to increase CTE opportunities for students with disabilities in several states and local school districts. If you are interested in adding what is happening in your state to this document, please contact us at and ask how! 

January 03, 2019

Quick Guide: Career Technical Education & Secondary Students with Disabilities

This Quick Guide overviews Career and Technical Education and its benefits for students with disabilities. It provides resources to assist with planning, access, and success for various audiences. 

December 07, 2018

Toolkit for Collecting Quality Data for Indicator B-13

This resource provides guidance on collecting, verifying, and reporting SPP/APR Indicator B-13 data. Examples from States are included, as well as suggestions for "moving beyond compliance" in the provision of transition services as identified in the IEPs of students who are transition-age. This resource is an update to a resource developed by the National TA Center on Transition and the Data Accountability Center in 2010. 

December 07, 2018

Representation and Geographic Location

A resource updated for Indicator B-14 data collection and reporting. (December, 2018) This joins the Data Collection Protocol updated in the Fall of 2018. Both documents can be found here as "News" and will soon be added to the Data Analysis and Use section of the website. Questions, please contact us at 

November 21, 2018

Transition Resources for VR Counselors

This document includes links to resources in transition planning and services for VR counselors. 

October 18, 2018

NTACT Product Impact

NTACT surveyed and conducted interviews with state teams, participating in the NTACT Capacity Building Institute in May, 2018. We were interested in better understanding which products our constiuents find most useful to their work, what adaptations they may have made to contextualize them to their state, and what impact our resources may have on the work of our primary audiences. This is a summary of the information we gathered.