Resources & Guidance

NTACT provides resources and guidance in the following areas:

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Transition Planning

Guidance for student-centered transition planning, education, and services. Resources include online modules, toolkits, checklists, practice descriptions, lesson plans, work-based learning experience guidance, and resources for students. Video Overview

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Effective practices for keeping students with disabilities engaged in school, on-track for graduation, and for re-engagement. Resources include practice guides, research syntheses, and data collection tools.

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Post-school Success

Practices, programs, and skills for success in college, careers, and community. Resources include program assessments, guidance for collaboration, and practice descriptions.

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Data Analysis & Use

Collecting quality data for meaningful program improvement focused on secondary education and services for students with disabilities. Resources focus on both federal data collection and reporting requirements and school, program, and community data use.


Types of Resources

Annotated Bibliographies

NTACT develops annotated bibliographies of the research conducted on current topics in secondary transition, school completion, and post-school success to assist novice and seasoned researchers. Most often these are topics for which an evidence-based, research-based, nor promising practice have yet been identified; however, are important to the field. 

Data Tools

Data tools include Excel-based and web-based data analysis and use tools. These resources include a suite of resources to assist schools and districts making intervention and program decisions focused on school completion and dropout prevention; web-based tools to examine and improve upon SPP/APR Part B indicators 1, 2, 13, 14; as well as self-assessments and a strategic planning tool for interdisciplinary/ interagency teams.

Lesson Plans

Each practice description links to at least one research-to-practice lesson plan starter. The Lesson Plan Library allows you to search for and link directly to the lesson plans, by topic. 


See what’s happening in other states. What resources are available from other states regarding quality transition planning, graduation, dropout prevention, interagency collaboration, family engagement, or data-use for students with disabilities? You may also view information regarding the activities in which NTACT is involved in each State, territory, the District of Columbia, or the Bureau of Indian Education. Click a State on the map or select it from the list to learn more. 

Practice & Predictor Descriptions

NTACT has developed Practice and Predictor Descriptions for the Effective Practices and Predictors identified. Each description includes information regarding the level of evidence, general description of the practice, and examples of settings and populations with whom the practice has been implemented successfully.

Presentations & Webinars

NTACT’s webinar recordings and materials from previously hosted webinars are accessible here. They are organized by the dates they were hosted (most recent to oldest).

Quick Guides

NTACT develops Quick Guides on topics that have relevance to secondary students with disabilities, but have been thoroughly researched and described by other organizations or centers. The Quick Guides overview the topic and its relevance for secondary students with disabilities and provide links to resources that may be useful for administrators, education and vocational rehabilitation practitioners, family members, or youth.


NTACT has developed (or updated) toolkits of background information and resources on a variety of topics important to our charge of assisting SEAs and SVRAs in supporting LEAs and VR counselors as they implement effective practices to ensure students with disabilities graduate prepared for postsecondary education and employment. These are comprehensive, practical guides to these topics.