Executive Summary - EBPPs_NSTTAC

The National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (NSTTAC) first summarized the intervention (practice) and correlational (predictor) research in secondary transition in 2009 (i.e., Test, Fowler, et al., 2009; Test, Mazzotti, et al., 2009). An executive summary of these findings and subsequent updated literature reviews were shared online. This (2012) review provides the first summary, organized by practice, rather than skill taught.

Self-Regulated Strategy Development + Graphic Organizers + Mnemonics to Teach Writing Fluency + Increase Writing Quality - Description

This is a research-based practice for 22 students with disabilities (ADHD, ED, EBD, LD, ASD, SLD, DD, and SL) based on three methodologically sound single-case studies across, 8 students with LD, 3 students with ADHD, 1 student with ED, 2 students with SLD, 4 students with EBD, 3 students with ASD, and 1 student with DD