Back Together to Build Together: Capacity Building Institute 2023

Capacity Building Institute (CBI) 2023

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We are excited to host a robust and unique in-person NTACT:C Capacity Building Institute (CBI)!  Register  by April 22.

What to expect:

  • In-person format (bye-bye Zoom!) for interagency state teams
  • Capacity building content that reflects interests and requests received throughout the year
  • Support to launch ongoing state team engagement, leadership, and sustainability.

The purpose of the CBI is to:

  • Increase knowledge of effective transition-focused practices;
  • Use relevant transition data to reflect on current practices;
  • Update or develop interagency strategic plans;
  • Develop new, and strengthen existing, partnerships with other states and entities; and
  • Build capacity of state-level transition team leadership (education, vocational rehabilitation, and other agencies).

Attending state team members will:

  • Access interactive content sessions and panel discussions;
  • Engage with colleagues and content experts;
  • Participate in interagency state team strategic planning; and
  • Much More.

Youth voices and leadership will be featured throughout the CBI, as well as the necessary collaborations at each level of the system - from student-to-state - that are critical to support young people with disability and their families through successful transitions into adult life.

Content sessions with presenters from diverse backgrounds will address:

  • Engagement of students, youth, and families in their educational and transition services;
  • Data-based decision making, sharing, and use to improve programs and outcomes at the state- and local-levels;
  • Justice, equity, and inclusion in services to diverse populations of students and youth with disabilities;
  • Collaborative partnerships and service delivery for ongoing recovery and retention; and
  • Provision of career and technical education, career pathways, and work-based learning experiences for underrepresented and all students and youth with disabilities.

CRC credits will be available and will be awarded in May.

Register for CBI by April 22


May 16-18, 2023


Charlotte, North Carolina

Hilton Charlotte University Place

Room rate - $159+tax


Reserve a Hotel Room  by April 22, 2023

Download the 2023 CBI Draft Agenda