Back Together to Build Together: Capacity Building Institute 2023

Capacity Building Institute (CBI) 2023

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We are excited to host a robust and unique in-person NTACT:C Capacity Building Institute (CBI)!

Download the 2023 CBI Draft Agenda

What to expect:

  • In-person format (bye-bye Zoom!) for interagency state teams
  • Capacity building content that reflects interests and requests received throughout the year
  • Support to launch ongoing state team engagement, leadership, and sustainability.

The purpose of the CBI is to:

  • Increase knowledge of effective transition-focused practices;
  • Use relevant transition data to reflect on current practices;
  • Update or develop interagency strategic plans;
  • Develop new, and strengthen existing, partnerships with other states and entities; and
  • Build capacity of state-level transition team leadership (education, vocational rehabilitation, and other agencies).

Attending state team members will:

  • Access interactive content sessions and panel discussions;
  • Engage with colleagues and content experts;
  • Participate in interagency state team strategic planning; and
  • Much More.

Youth voices and leadership will be featured throughout the CBI, as well as the necessary collaborations at each level of the system - from student-to-state - that are critical to support young people with disability and their families through successful transitions into adult life.

Content sessions with presenters from diverse backgrounds will address:

  • Engagement of students, youth, and families in their educational and transition services;
  • Data-based decision making, sharing, and use to improve programs and outcomes at the state- and local-levels;
  • Justice, equity, and inclusion in services to diverse populations of students and youth with disabilities;
  • Collaborative partnerships and service delivery for ongoing recovery and retention; and
  • Provision of career and technical education, career pathways, and work-based learning experiences for underrepresented and all students and youth with disabilities.


May 16-18, 2023


Charlotte, North Carolina

Hilton Charlotte University Place

Room rate - $159+tax


Make A Reservation  by April 22, 2023

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