Youth Engagement

Youth engagement in transition services has the potential to empower young adults, increase their self-determination, and give them the skills and self-confidence they need to enter the workforce.  

Use these resources to better understand challenges to engagement, the youth development process, and key components to successful youth engagement.


Youth Engagement Training

Unpacking Assumptions: Equitable Approaches to Re-Engaging Students and Youth in Education and VR Services
This "Watch Party" included communal viewing of a presentation by NTACT:C staff members. Participants had the opportunity to begin to understand and deconstruct key equity-oriented language, understand how disability and poverty intersect and its resulting implications, critically reflect on one’s own biases using mental models, and reimagine student and youth re-engagement in secondary education and transition services.

Youth Engagement: Service Delivery Peer Network – Ethical Service Delivery Considerations for Student Engagement (PDF)
A discussion of ethical service delivery considerations for student engagement, including appropriate social media and virtual technology usage/access, parental consent/family engagement, and the age of majority.

Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok & Beyond: Social Media for Peer2Peer Engagement
How are teenagers and young adults connecting and supporting one another during the COVID 19 crisis in our country? This session presented by youth engagement and leadership professionals will explore effective practices and resources that can promote and enhance communication and engagement of students with disabilities.

Engaging Communities for Systems Change
This course is an opportunity to increase your capacity to learn from and work with deaf people. Drawing from the National Deaf Center’s experiences working with local communities, this course outlines the key elements and actions for collective systems change.

Social Capital for Young Job Seekers
Get strategies for engaging youth and families to prepare for employment, as well as best practices to help students and families begin career exploration and planning.

Key Resources

Related Resources

Youth Engagement: Youth Development Webinar Handout (PDF)

This resource provides an overview of the youth engagement continuum, describes how to recognize engagement and its challenges, and details key components of a successful youth engagement program. It also outlines youth development and leadership activities, projects, and resources from three state’s perspectives.

Community Rehabilitation Providers Pre-ETS Guidebook

Securing parental consent and continued parent engagement is important when working with transition age students. This guidebook offers strategies for community rehabilitation providers to collaborate and engage with families when providing Pre-ETS services to youth.
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