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Interagency Collaboration Training Module

Like all young adults, students with disabilities require support as they leave school and enter the adult world. For students with disabilities, there may be many agencies and organizations that provide supports and services. Oftentimes, these services can be confusing and overwhelming for families. That’s why interagency collaboration is a must! The purpose of this module is to give you …

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State Team Planning Tool & Resources

A key technical assistance activity that we at NTACT:C provide is resources and support to states that are engaging in state-level interagency team planning.  We have created a number of tools and resources state interagency teams can use to prepare for and participate in quality team planning. Below are a few resources team leads can use with their teams prior …

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Enhancing Interagency Collaboration: Strategies to Improve Student Experiences in CTE

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This webinar will provide a synthesis of information gained from state personnel across Career Technical Education (CTE), Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), and Special Education (SpEd) interviewed regarding how their state developed collaborative processes across CTE, VR, and SpEd agencies/offices.