Job Exploration Counseling

Job Exploration Counseling, or Career counseling, can include a wide variety of professional activities which help individuals with career-related issues. Career counselors work with youth seeking to explore career options, experienced professionals contemplating a career change, parents who want to return to the world of work after taking time to raise their child, or people seeking employment. Career counseling is also offered in various settings, including in groups and individually, in person or virtually (Source: Career Counseling by Jennifer M. Kidd).

Discussion or counseling of job exploring options are intended to foster motivation, consideration of opportunities and informed decision-making. Specific to youth, real-world activities ensure that students recognize the relevance of a high school and post-school education to their futures, both in college and/or the workplace. Job exploration counseling activities can be done in conjunction with private, for-profit, public or nonprofit businesses in your community and/or through web-based resources (Source: UC Davis Career Compass Core Competencies Model).

Job Exploration Counseling may include discussion or information on:

  • The student's vocational interest inventory results
  • The labor market
  • In-demand industries and occupations,
  • Non-traditional employment options,
  • Administration of vocational interest inventories, and
  • Identification of career pathways of interest to the students.

Students may be participating in a number of pre-employment transition services or transition services through VR or Education. Discussion or counseling on the results of some of these activities can help to identify viable career options or solidify careers that a student will want to explore further.

Other Job Exploration Activities, may include:


Resources for this Required Activity

Curriculum Options

A collection of curricula and lessons to help in the provision of Pre-Employment Transitional Services.



A series of web-based modules specific to the five required WIOA Pre-Employment Transition Services activities.


A series of web-based modules specific to the five required WIOA Pre-Employment Transition Services activities.

Pathways to the Future

Sample lessons plans and detailed curricula that could be used in delivering Pre-ETS services.

Transition TN Curriculum Database

Developed a searchable database of curriculum that includes options for providing the five required pre-employment transition services.

GCFLearnFree.org program

A collection of topics, lessons, and videos which could be used to provide Pre-ETS services.

American Foundation of the Blind Transition to Work

The Transition to Work: Program Activity Guide was created to improve employment outcomes for teens and young adults who are blind or visually impaired.

Career Exploration


More Resources

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