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Youth Engagement Now

Youth Engagement Now (YEN), co-sponsored by NTACT:C and RAISE, focuses on creating a practical youth engagement tool for parent center staff and state transition team members. On the YEN site, you can find resources and training materials developed by young adults with disabilities—including the YEN Podcast—and materials from other youth-driven groups from around the country.

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Self-Determination Presenter Guide

This presenter guide is a set of resources for conducting a 1-hour professional development on teaching self-determination to students with disabilities. We welcome your feedback on their use. The PowerPoint cannot be edited to maintain the accuracy of the resources. Facilitator notes for each slide are included and provide guidance on how to use the additional materials assembled here for …

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Unpacking Assumptions: Equitable Approaches to Re-Engaging Students and Youth in Education and VR Services

Recorded April 27, 2021  This presentation by NTACT:C staff members, Bettie Ray Butler, Natasha Mitchell, and DJ Ralston will provide information on the following: Begin to understand and deconstruct key equity-oriented language Understand how disability and poverty intersect and its resulting implications Critically reflect on one’s own biases using mental models Reimagine student and youth re-engagement in secondary education and …