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Engaging with Families Training Module

Families are an important part of a student’s development. Traditional, non-traditional, biological, foster, or adoptive families provide vital support throughout students’ lives, including during the transition to adulthood. However, transition outcomes associated with traditional employment, postsecondary education, and independent living may not always align with the values that historically marginalized families consider most important. The goal of this module is …

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Unpacking Assumptions: Equitable Approaches to Re-Engaging Students and Youth in Education and VR Services

Recorded April 27, 2021  This presentation by NTACT:C staff members, Bettie Ray Butler, Natasha Mitchell, and DJ Ralston will provide information on the following: Begin to understand and deconstruct key equity-oriented language Understand how disability and poverty intersect and its resulting implications Critically reflect on one’s own biases using mental models Reimagine student and youth re-engagement in secondary education and …