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VR Transition Services to Groups for Students and Youth with Disabilities

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This webinar provides an overview of the VR Transition Services to Groups authority and when an agency may want to use the Services to Groups authority.

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VR Continuum of Services

Since the amendments to the Rehabilitation Act made by title IV of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the vocational rehabilitation (VR) program can be characterized as providing a continuum of services beginning with pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS) for students with disabilities in the early stages of career and employment exploration. We created this simple continuum to provide a …

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Fiscal and Reporting Resources

The links and resources below pertain to the tracking and reporting of pre-employment transition services and requirements for the reservation of the funds reserved. Time Allocation Guide for Pre-Employment Transition Services Pre-Employment Transition Services: Set Aside Determination Guide RSA-911 Case Service Reporting  RSA-17 Instructions for Vocational Rehabilitation Financial Report

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Side By Side View: Transition Services

NTACT:C partners have developed this document to help compare and contrast the transition services requirements for Education, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), including Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) consistent with the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and the Rehabilitation Act as amended by WIOA.  Organized by major parts of these laws, this document outlines how each entity addresses: Definitions of transition services Target …

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NTACT:C Levels of Technical Assistance

NTACT:C builds state agency capacity to: use data-based decision making processes strengthen interagency partnerships provide quality professional development and implement technical assistance (TA) supports. This technical assistance is in the form of universal, targeted, and intensive levels so that all students and youth with disabilities experience increased enrollment in: postsecondary education graduation credential attainment competitive integrated employment and community engagement. …

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Pre-Employment Transition Services Strategic Planning: A Collaborative Approach Webinar – Part 2

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This training addresses the importance of collaboration with education, data sharing, and analyzing the impact of Pre-ETS programs and services. Idaho VR shares their experience implementing a strategic planning for evaluating Pre-ETS services, identifying what worked, challenges, and next steps.

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Understanding the Big Picture: The Connection between Disability and Poverty and Why Financial Capability Matters

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By looking at the intersection between disability and poverty, this webinar will address myths and share strategies to promote financial capabilities and gainful employment for youth with disabilities living in or near poverty.

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Long COVID Resources from OCR and OSERS

July 26, 2021 email message from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (OSERS): Today, as we recognize the thirty-first anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) have issued a new …