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Predictor Taxonomy Crosswalk

The Predictor Taxonomy Crosswalk embeds the predictors of post-school success within the Taxonomy for Transition Programming 2.0 framework areas. This crosswalk provides a resource for stakeholders who are using tools, such as the Taxonomy for Transition Programming 2.0 and the Predictor Implementation Self-Assessment (PISA), to identify connections between services, skills, and programs to improve outcomes for students with youth with disabilities. …

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Quality Indicator Checklists

These are the quality indicator checklists used to review research articles for the purpose of determining level of evidence for a specific practice. QI_Checklist_Correlational_8.2.2021 (docx) QI_Checklist_Group_8.2.2021 (docx) QI_Checklist_MM_8.2.2021 (docx) QI_Checklist_Qualitative_8.2.2021 (docx) QI_Checklist_SingleCase_11.4.2016 (docx)

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Criteria for Levels of Evidence

The NTACT Criteria for Levels of Evidence provides context for categorizing the evidence base for secondary transition, vocational rehabilitation, and career technical education practices for secondary students with disabilities.