Effective Practices – Interagency Collaboration Training Topics

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Training resources to develop and implement interagency collaboration strategies and best practices to improve transition outcomes for youth with disabilities.

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  • Webinar: Effective Strategies to Build Collaborative Partnerships
    Provided by the Transition Coalition as part of NTACT, this webinar provides information regarding effective strategies and tools to build collaborative partnerships between VR and schools to improve the coordination of services for students with disabilities.
  • Training Module: Interagency Collaboration: the Groundwork
    In partnership with NTACT, the Transition Coalition provides this web-based module that includes information, videos, surveys, and interactive activities to help you build or strengthen your interagency team.
  • Webinar: CIRCLES - Interagency Collaboration
    Archived webinar delivering information about implementation of CIRCLES (Communicating Interagency Relationships and Collaborative Linkages for Exceptional Students) in their own region/school district. You will learn about the program, how to get started, as well as sustainability.

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