Guide for Teacher’s / Educators on Collaborating with Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Youth with Disabilities


Within education there has been an increased emphasis on educational services that are mindful of optimal post-school outcomes (IDEA, 2004; Every Student Succeeds Act, 2015). Schools are required to begin transition planning for students with disabilities no later than age 16 (age 14 in some states) and earlier if the IEP team determines it’s appropriate.

This is to ensure time for students to explore career options, participate in work experiences, develop necessary academic and work place skills, access needed transition services that will prepare them for post-school education, training, and employment. Introducing students to a VR counselor early and including them on the student’s IEP team with appropriate consent will increase the student’s ability to access opportunities that address their needs.  Find out more about connecting to VR services.


  1. I homeschool my disabled daughter, who is 17 y/o can she obtain VR services at her local high school without being a student?

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