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Work-Based Learning for Students with High Support Needs: Themes, Strategies, and Policy Recommendations

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This informational brief provides an outline of strategies and structure for developing and implementing a work-based learning program for students with complex support needs.

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Guide for Teacher’s / Educators on Collaborating with Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Youth with Disabilities

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Introducing students to a VR counselor early and including them on the student’s IEP team with appropriate consent will increase the student’s ability to access opportunities that address their needs.  Find out more about connecting to VR services.

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NTACT: the Collaborative (new center named)

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The recently (October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2025) OSEP and RSA funded National Technical Assistance Center on Transition for Students and Youth with Disabilities will call itself the “National Technical Assistance Center on Transition: the Collaborative” or “NTACT: the Collaborative” (NTACT:C). Logo and branding to be determined soon. NTACT: the Collaborative is underway! The new center is responding to requests for technical assistance and …

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Toward a Conception of Culturally Responsive Practices in Transition Planning (CRPTP)

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Explore the importance and necessity of planning transition from a cultural lens with a focus on equity. Learn about key principles and best practices in culturally responsive approaches in transition planning for students with disabilities.

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Overview of Labor Laws and Employment Related Issues

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For professionals who are involved with obtaining and providing work experiences for youth and young adults with disabilities, this webinar provides information on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and how it applies to youth with disabilities