IEP Considerations in the 2020-21 School Year: Presenter Guide


This presenter guide is designed to provide materials to help prepare secondary special educators and others with information and resources they need to develop and implement Individualized Education Programs under social distancing orders due to global pandemic.

The materials included are the PowerPoint presentation with notes, a pdf of handouts, a demonstration video, as well as additional handout materials to share with your audience.


    1. Hi Gail – would you test these handouts again? Let us know if you continue to have problems downloading them. Thank you.

  1. I just tried downloading them and they wouldn’t open for me either.

  2. Hi Janet, Thank you for the question. Hopefully I can help with this. These are word documents and will download directly to your computer. You may want to try to check your downloads folder. If you continue to have issues with these, let me know. You might want to try another browser as well.

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