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RehabData Workgroup Pre-Employment Transition Services Data Tool – Webinar

Recorded December 2020The Pre-Employment Transition Services Data Tool is intended to provide national and state level data related to the provision of pre employment transition services to students with disabilities. It can provide a resource for state VR agencies to analyze their pre-employment transition services implementation service delivery and compare it to similar states and or agencies in a variety …

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Understanding the Big Picture: The Connection between Disability and Poverty and Why Financial Capability Matters – Webinar

3418 Views Employment, OnDemand, Secondary Education, Training, VR Transition Services, Webinar

By looking at the intersection between disability and poverty, this webinar will address myths and share strategies to promote financial capabilities and gainful employment for youth with disabilities living in or near poverty.

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Unpacking Assumptions: Equitable Approaches to Re-Engaging Students and Youth in Education and VR Services

Recorded April 27, 2021  This presentation by NTACT:C staff members, Bettie Ray Butler, Natasha Mitchell, and DJ Ralston will provide information on the following: Begin to understand and deconstruct key equity-oriented language Understand how disability and poverty intersect and its resulting implications Critically reflect on one’s own biases using mental models Reimagine student and youth re-engagement in secondary education and …

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Pre-Employment Transition Services – 5 Part Webinar Series

Each webinar in this series highlights one the five required pre-employment transition (pre-ets) required activities: To register and view these recorded webinars, please visit the following link(s) to each webinar: Job Exploration Counseling Work-Based Learning Experiences (WBLE) Counseling on Opportunities for Enrollment in Comprehensive Transition or Postsecondary Educational Programs at Institutions of Higher Education Workplace Readiness Training Instruction in Self-Advocacy …

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Pre-Employment Transition Services: A Guide for Collaboration Among State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies and Education Partners Webinar

An overview of the Pre-ETS Guide for Collaboration Among State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies and Education Partners guide and highlights the main sections of the guide as well as resources and strategies for using it as a tool to enhance and strengthen VR education partnerships at the state and local levels.