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Article: Predictors of Postschool Success Research Base Update

This article published in Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals in 2020 outlines the authors’ systematic literature review to examine secondary transition research literature to support existing and identify new predictors of postschool success for students and youth with disabilities. Fourteen (14) existing predictors were supported and three (3) new predictors identified. Download the Article: Predictors of Postschool Success …

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Predictor Taxonomy Crosswalk

The Predictor Taxonomy Crosswalk embeds the predictors of post-school success within the Taxonomy for Transition Programming 2.0 framework areas. This crosswalk provides a resource for stakeholders who are using tools, such as the Taxonomy for Transition Programming 2.0 and the Predictor Implementation Self-Assessment (PISA), to identify connections between services, skills, and programs to improve outcomes for students with youth with disabilities. …

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Indicator 14 Post-School Outcomes Data Collection and Analysis Resources

The federal reporting requirements for special education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA) require State Education Agencies to submit a six-year State Performance Plan (SPP) and Annual Performance Report (APR) to the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). The plan includes Monitoring Priorities and Indicators. The post-school outcomes data collection indicator (#14) is in the …

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Quality Indicator Checklists

These are the quality indicator checklists used to review research articles for the purpose of determining level of evidence for a specific practice. QI_Checklist_Correlational_8.2.2021 (docx) QI_Checklist_Group_8.2.2021 (docx) QI_Checklist_MM_8.2.2021 (docx) QI_Checklist_Qualitative_8.2.2021 (docx) QI_Checklist_SingleCase_11.4.2016 (docx)

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Indicator 13 IEP Case Studies

These example IEP case studies provide explanations of exemplar and non-exemplar transition components of the IEP for different students to help you meet Indicator 13 requirements. Transition Planning Case Study – Aaliya (PDF) – High School – Hearing impairment Transition Planning Case Study – Alex (PDF) – High School – Autism Transition Planning Case Study – Allison (PDF) – High …

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Understanding the Big Picture: The Connection between Disability and Poverty and Why Financial Capability Matters

3604 Views Employment, OnDemand, Secondary Education, Training, VR Transition Services, Webinar

By looking at the intersection between disability and poverty, this webinar will address myths and share strategies to promote financial capabilities and gainful employment for youth with disabilities living in or near poverty.